In this cooped up miniaturized world of Hong Kong that we live in it is important to get some time and space especially so when you work out. Primal Fit utilizes outdoor spaces like Sun Yat Sen Park and Tamar Park to give you a complete body workout with the added benefit of a clear and expansive mind to shake off the feeling lethargy Hong Kong can sometimes generate. The exercise routines are well developed and tested with the ability for you to own the level at which you participate. In the team environment and space you will find you are carried along to a higher level than a solo workout.

The benefits of working outdoors especially in winter (it’s a HK winter folks...) are well documented as to an improved immune system and most of all for me it is an hour of absolute fun and humour to get you through the challenge. Primal is 5 star fitness!

Eugene Buckley

If you like training outdoors in HK, Primal Fit is just the thing. I have been enjoying the training at Sun Yat Sen Park for nearly a year now. We always get together at 11:00 in the park and work out until 12:00 making use of whatever is available with the instructors sometimes bringing in additional gear like battle rope and resistance bands. One hour of tough but fun training gives you a great feeling for the rest of the day.

The group changes every week, but there is a core of consistent regulars. A mix of people, from all ages and backgrounds makes it one of the hours in the week that I certainly continue to look forward too. They offer other times/days as well.

Pieter de Coningh

Having had unpleasant experiences with gyms in HK, I was apprehensive joining boot camp/circuit training at first. But I am glad I made the switch; the process of signing up and payment are straightforward. I work out three times a week and there are varieties of routines in each session. Ian and team Primal Fit are dedicated and knowledgeable, thank you for making it fun and helping me stay fit!

Samantha Long