At Primal Fit our personal training sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs. We incorporate exercises that deliver results. Our training programmes will re-shape your body, tone and tighten your muscles and give you a fit, firm body. We are a MOBILE TRAINING SERVICE that will make it easy on you by training in the most comfortable environment of your choosing.

Intensity is a key factor when achieving results. It is a large part of our personal training sessions. We will create a personal training program specifically for you; a programme that will achieve it says it will. We motivate you throughout each workout, to ensure you reach the goals you set yourself.

No matter what your goal maybe, fat loss, improved fitness, complete a 5k run, or simply just to stay in shape, we can help you achieve the results you want. After training with Primal Fit you won’t believe how you will feel and look after you complete your programme.

Primal Fit personal training sessions are about you, achieving fitness and working towards your end goal, with your trainer by your side. An intensive, focused, results driven 1 hour session of personal training. Remember, we are a MOBILE TRAINING SERVICE and come to you! What are you waiting for?

Now you can train in a private gym with Primal Fit.

Don’t want to work out in public? Tired of waiting around at the gym for equipment?

Primal Fit has teamed up with Intelligent Fitness to offer one-on-one personal training sessions in the comfort of a private gym. For just ($800per hour / $7500 x 10) you can achieve your fitness goals in a fully equipped gym in Central. Whether you want to work out in your lunch hour, or after work, we are here to offer you a tailored program. For more information, or to book your session email Ian at: