Most important; primary or fundamental.
Synonyms: basic, fundamental, essential, elemental, vital, central, intrinsic, indispensable.

Primal fit takes basic exercises and adapts them to the needs of the clients, all exercises can be progressed or regressed based on the level of difficulty of the exercise or the ability of the client. Exercising is a FUNDAMENTAL part of life, without it our muscles will atrophy and wither. One of the goals at Primal Fit is to help build muscle. This is ESSENTIAL to lead a happy and pain free life. An ELEMENTAL way to keep fit and stay in shape is to work out outside. Primal Fit uses parks on Hong Kong Island for their workouts. Having a strong cardiovascular system is VITAL when running around; one of the CENTRAL themes at Primal Fit is to incorporate aerobic and anaerobic exercises in its workouts. Camaraderie, teamwork, trust and friendship are INTRINSIC values that we promote and encourage at Primal Fit. Being part of a group is INDISPENSABLE when it comes to consistency and adherence to a fitness programme.


Ian grew up in London and liked nothing more than playing football in the local park. He carried on with football through secondary school. At the age of 18 he began to take karate classes and gained his blackbelt 1st dan after six years of training. This culminated in him becoming a member of the England karate team in a competition against neighbouring Wales, where he won a silver medal. Ian’s love of travel and fitness led him to college where he studied Leisure and Tourism. After he left college he travelled extensively through Asia, finally settling in Hong Kong. In 2009 he became an American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer. Then in 2010 he studied Fitness and Exercise, gaining a Bachelor of Science degree. Ian has played many sports over the years and incorporates what he has learned into his PRIMAL FIT workouts – his philosophy is to train hard but also to train smart!